User specific tab?

I have a tab with around 40 components where teachers create assignments and then submit them to a log tab where students pick them up. I may just be missing the obvious but in my mind, in order to make the assignment creation tab specific to each teacher so that the next teacher does not have to delete the previous teachers assignment detalls in order to create a new one, I would need to bring all the components into the user sheet and then recreate the tab by linking the components to the user relations and then turn around link the log results back to the user sheet as well…I was thinking though, is there a better way to do this and could I just set a visibility on the tab so that would make it unique to each teacher? Best approach ideas?

Yes making a tab for each teacher would work. Both ideas would work actually but the tab would take less time since you only had to make 1 item visible as opposed to all of its components for each teacher. If the sheet has row owners then as long as they sign in only they would see what they put in those columns and that might be even better since you wouldn’t have to regulate or make visibility rules at all.

What are the visibility setting to make a tab user specific “email is signed in user”?

I don’t know how many teachers there are/will be in the future so it has to be open ended.

you would have to create a sort of access level column on your user page. Then the visibility would be user access is. kind of like this:


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Ahh, ok. Not ideal like an inline list I can filter by using email is signed in user". but now I am seeing that other component types such as Notes, Text etc do not offer a filtering option, just visibility. Thing is I don’t know how many teachers there will be or their names in advance. I can have select “Teacher” during onboarding but still leaves me stuck with not having their names in advance. May have to go the long route and pull all the components into the User sheet and then pull all of them out into the log results…ouch. Was hoping there was easier way.

right, you would have to add tabs for every new teacher, using row owner is your best bet.

Ok, I just realized what I should have done: I set up all the components on the tab and then on the submit assignment form button I had nothing and all the components from the tab in the layout column. Instead I need just the form button “Create Assignment” and then lay down all the components inside the form. Doh!