User Input Data Reset


I was recently introduced to Glide and have been impressed, but there has been one item I haven’t been able to work out which brings me here. I’m building an app that is heavily focused around each user setting a weekly goal, and submitting their progress throughout the week. However, I want the user to be able to set a new goal each week, in which their progress is also reset. I’ve played around with a type of “Days since last…” formula (or current week Sunday-Saturday) but to no avail.

Is it currently possible to incorporate this type of user data reset on a recurring time frame? I’m not sure if it would be done within the Glide editor or Sheets.


It’s hard to give advice without know what your app looks like and how you have everything structured. I would have to guess you could use some sort of google script to reset the data. However, you could possibly set up a form button that would add a new goal and have progress columns as part of each goal. Then within each goal detail, you could set up another form button to have the user record progress for that goal. You can use formulas to fill in the progress columns on each goal.