User generated choice component source

I’m trying to make a choice component with user-generated data. I know that I can make a form, add a row and then use a column of that as a choice component. However my app will have the user enter a stock symbol with quantity and price. But a user can by multiple lots of shares at different times so the choice component may have double entries. How can I solve this?

The goal is to make a cost basis calculator that would basically use this type of input:

10 shares of ABC at $1
10 shares of ABC at $3
5 shares of XYZ at $10
5 shares of XYZ at $12

And then display this type of calculation:

You have 20 shares of ABC at a cost basis of $2 per share
You have 10 shares of XYZ at a cost basis of $11 per share

Actually I think I got it :grinning: The choice component doesn’t display multiple values, which was my concern. Therefore this should be an easy setup from here.


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