User change's email - How to change emails for all rows with old email?!

User change’s email - How to change emails for all rows with old email?!

How do i go about this issues, is there no way to use the Row ID as the row owner?

So you have recorded related rows (in other tables, other than the users table) with the user’s email, and now a user wants to change their email?

What I usually do is record the user’s rowID, instead of their email.

No, but you can use a roles setup I guess?

hi there, thanks for the fast reply and your support!

I tried to use User Row ID’s with the row owners however did not work. I didnt think roles as sufficient for security?


Roles is another security feature for Glide, I would argue it’s a more advanced row owner setup.

I do not see an answer to this issue here. To use roles you would have to create a roles for every user.

I would be nice if row owner would work on Row ID in addition to the email address. Users can change their email addresses and that prevents them from seeing rows that were created with the old ID.

You can also get the upto date owners email address using computed fields, but row owner will not work with them either. Need a solution here? Workaround or product enhancement is needed.

So ultimately you need the ability to change email addresses, and also make sure that the new email will also get access to the old email’s data, with security in place like a row owners setup?

As stated above, I don’t think at the moment Glide has a good way to do that except a roles setup with a rowID approach, but that can get expensive. A workaround is to have an automation flow to change all email values in related tables to the new email when an email is changed.


I appreciate your comment ThinhDinh. Yes, not only cost, but you would need a unique roll for each user. Not too efficient. I thought about the automation also, but changing all of the related to the user with the the new email doesn’t make any sense when using the glide assigned row ID could simply and reliably do it.