Use Rest API calls as DATA

How can I use REST API calls as DATA in Glide?



I think we can cover many use cases using Glide’s API plugins or the JavaScript column


If you give us further info we can help you better.

Thanks! Where can I find Glide’s API plugins or the JavaScript column?

I can only see these datatypes:

You have to create a new column and you’ll be able to see them

Oh, now I see. Yes, the first column has limited field types. New columns have them all! GREAT!!
One more question. My API provider needs an authorization toke key send via headers. How can do do that?

Check this post it might help.

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Ok, so, this method gives fetches data into ONE column. But the API provider returns an ARRAY of rows. How can I tell Glide to have 100 rows if the API returns a JSON with an array of 100?

You’ll need to use a working table to transpose the data.

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Thanks Robert! But this still does not create rows for each entry in the JSON.

You need to create the maximum number of rows in your working table, to cover the maximum number of items that you think your API could return. @Robert_Petitto’s method will not auto generate the needed rows for you. You need to create them, and use the method to populate all of those rows with data from the API.

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Wow, we need a native API-database integration like Adalo has:

You mean like this?

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