Usage on builder not showing

hi all, right now I’m still using the free plan, and I want to know my usage,
I tried to access usage, but it is always showing loading like this

any idea how I can see my usage row


Hi @Fajar_Prasetyo

If you have not, please submit a support ticket to take a look a this.

I am having the exact same issue.

I’m not sure if this helps for you guys but now I faced the same issue and it was due to a connection issue and after I reconnect my dongle then it worked and no issues yet! Hope this issue will solve for you guys soon! Thank you

same here. I’m part of several teams. The main one, with the most usage, usage is not showing.

I have the same problem, I go days without being able to visualize

after I create a ticket for a bug report, right now everything is good.

thanks for team support :slight_smile: