URL Data Column not showing as link in my Data Grid Component

I’ve created a list of State SOS websites and put them into a data grid. The column is a URL Data Column and if I click on the link in the data table it acts like a hyperlink. But once it displays in my Data Grid on the site, it is not clickable and not a hyperlink. Just dead text that cannot be copied or used in any way. I don’t have a complex case so I’m not sure why the function of the URL Data column wouldn’t work here.

Sounds like a feature request. I’ve changed this post type. Vote!

It is not a feature request since the URL data column already exists. Is there a component that I can use that will show the data column data as a link? I’m asking a question and am confused by the change to a feature request.

The data grid has never had a feature to allow for clickable url links. It’s not something that has suddenly broken. It’s just never been coded by Glide to work that way.

If you still want a way to do it today, then you will need to use something like a custom collection and add a link component within the collection, or use any other collection type and change the associated action on that collection to open a link.


Thanks Jeff!

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