Upload multiple images to Cloudinary

Hi Krivo,
Today I just got back to see the navigation function and just found the version I can copy to study down below. Thank you for such tricks to make navigation possible as I’d never had this idea. Wow! Thank you so much. I will always accredit you for teach me this trick. Thank you!

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@everys just glad to help and inspire. Did some more descriptions in order to do easier understanding. Great it helped you out :sunglasses:

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Hi thanks for you great informative explanation about multiple uploads

Wondering if I can relate a certain upload by passing parameters to it ?

@Yasin_Hassanien try to explain in a few more words what you want to achieve

Example passing a certain file that is related to a ROW ID so I can view it as a relation under a certain record

@Yasin_Hassanien alright. You want the image to belong to something. In the multi upload to cloudinary case you just make the images belong to images. But you want it to belong to different things when you upload.
I have done that in another app which uploads ONE image at a time. You will pass over a unique id from glide to cloudinary - and thereby know that the image belongs to.
Take a look on this thread

The upload process is rather long

@Krivo thanks for the inspiration. I tried clicking on the app link but it seems to have disappeared now. Is it possible to share the app again? Cheers Brad

@Brad_Legassick. Very strange. Couldn’t open the app from the url. Went into builder and clicked share to get the url and test myself. Now the url is working again. Wonder what is happening

Hi @Krivo thx but I still just get not found error? Strange & it also happened to an app @Jeff_Hager shared.

@jason has something happened today that could have could caused this issue - seems to be more than one app affected according to @Brad_Legassick. The mentioned app: https://uploadtocloudinary.glideapp.io does work at my side now - but strange that it stopped working

@Brad_Legassick have you tried CTRL+F5?

@Krivo thx mate, it worked now! So weird.

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@Krivo this link doesnt work from the beginning of your post - https://multiupload.glideapp.io/ also the next link, but your link you just posted works.

Hi @Krivo I am trying to create a place on my app where users can upload >10000 images in a span of 15 minutes in the app.
Would Cloudinary be a good place to do so?
Is the 5000 image limit in the free version and can it be increased in the pro version?
Also would Glide Tables be fine for something that I need? @david @Mark

They use “credits” as their unit of quota. In your case, it would consume storage (I’m assuming no transformation) so at max 25GB per month.

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Assuming that each image upload adds a row, Glide Tables should handle that fine. There will be some backlogging, but it shouldn’t get more than a few minutes behind.


Thanks @Mark

@Manan_Mehta i don’t have experience with such number of requests.

It is correct that you don’t want to upload more than one image at a time? You just have users?

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Correct. I want to upload 1 picture at a time but many concurrent users.

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I am setting up this application but there is not enough program code in the table, who can give a link to it?