Updates counts and data rows limit

Hello everyone,
I intend to build a spare parts/product matching app (ex: what tire fit my bike ?) That will be accessible online, on a website. (Without any user logging)
The app will use a product data base and a spare parts database. With some rules it will be able to match spare parts and products.
I have trouble understanding what will be counting as an “update” and what action will be add a row in the “data source row limit”

When a customer use the WebApps to know what spare part fit his bike (he will answer questions through drop down menus):
Is this an update ?
Does this add a row somewhere ?
If yes, for every question he answer in a drop down menu, does this also count as an update ? Add a row somewhere ?

If it actually add a row somewhere, is there a way to delete it after a time (ex:1h) ?

Thanks a lot for your help !

If you’re creating an App that will be completely Public with no user sign in at all, then you don’t need to worry too much about updates, unless you will be adding rows. And it sounds like you will have no need to do that.

What you should do is create a single row table to use as the source of your search screen, and add a number of User Specific columns to that table - one for each of your choice components.

You would then use the selections made to filter your data tables and present results as a collection.

If you take this approach, you won’t incur any updates at all.

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Hi Darren,
Thanks a lot for your answer !
With your approach, would I be able to display several components and not just one (for example, many tires could fit on a specific bike) ?
What about the data source rows limit per app ? What count as a row ? When a customer use the app and summit a “request” to find a spare part, does it add a row somewhere ?



That depends how you set it up, but there is no reason why you should be adding a row.

That is awesome,
Thanks a lot for your help Darren !