Up to date info/tutorials on using Stripe or subscription payments?

I can’t find any 'how to" videos from Glide on building subscription payments into your app. Looking through the community chats, there’s been lots of complications, requests, glitches, etc.

I’m wondering where we are at with this topic and if someone could share helpful info on how to get started building the payment into a form when people sign up! THANK YOU

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Here’s what we usually do.

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i keep hearing that integromat is better than zapier, but Glide clearly hooks up to zapier easiest (as you can just enter key right below google analytics key) and i just made a payhere account and it also integrates directly with zapier but not to integromat, so how do you bypass that hook up and use something else like integromat instead?

:wave: Hi @Katelyn_Alberts!

If you follow my tutorial that Thinh linked above, I show you how to use Glide’s webhook action > Integromat (now Make) instead of the “Trigger Zap” action (which I never use).

If you need 1:1 assistance, I’m happy to help.


Ah i didn’t realize a whole tutorial was included! Thanks, be back later :sunglasses:

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Developers prefer Integromat because you can build your own connector.

Zapier is still a good choice if you don’t have such requirement.

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Robert, will it be a problem that the users that will be paying are listed on a glide table instead of a google sheet?

Not at all. You’ll just need to leverage the glide table API rather than Google sheets. I plan on doing an updated video on how to leverage Payhere with Glide table API in the future as it dramatically improves the user experience


great thanks!


This is my procedure with stripe and integromat:

  • Create a product subscription in stripe.
  • Create a link for this product.
  • In my app, i create a button that open the link.
  • Create a webhook in integromat
  • Create a webhook in stripe
    • Set event “checkout.session.completed”
  • Do the automatization in make as Robert says

I hope it helps you. Regards

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