Up load Excel, but font changed

I created special fonts in an excel file that when uploaded only a few “stuck”. For example, in Excel you create a font to say Bag # 2432 or Line # 1. When I up loaded it, the number “2432” showed up in column 1 and text showed up in Column 2 Line # 1. I can see one is a number an the other converted to text

I tried to change the Glide sheets from number to text, but it still never allowed me put text next to a number. I am trying to create a page and want it to say Cage 2432 so the user knows what the number is and not just a 2432

I wouldn’t do any formatting like that in Excel. I would make sure the columns just contain numbers, then make sure the columns are configured in Glide as numeric. In the column configuration in the Glide data editor, you can specify any additional text before or after the number.


Thanks I appreciate the help

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