Up and Down Green and Red triangles or arrows - For Increase/Decrease

Dear Community,

Just need a quick input.

I am trying to show if a particular value has increased or decreased. For that, I need a green up arrow and a red down arrow. I am not getting an emoji for that.

Is there any other way to include it along with the text? Currently, I am using something like this.


here is the link how to do it using CSS:

The values are rendered from the Template column. Does it work there?

copy CSS code and put in template column… replace text and link with your own… than use rich text component to display that template column

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Great idea. But, currently I am displaying the values in a table. Not sure if it will work with a table though.

no, only in rich text… you can create a table in CSS…

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Yes. I have not explored tables through CSS. I know Glide will definitely come up with an advanced table soon. Will wait till then. Thanks for your support @Uzo . Much Appreciated.

just put divider between lines in css… it will look same as glide table

/* Solid border */
hr.solid {
  border-top: 3px solid #bbb;
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Maybe you can try doing that in a card view, use images to display that in the “avatar” field.


Another good idea. Thankyou:)

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