Unpublished apps limited on new plan?

Ignore me. I guess I would actually have to upgrade this team to a team capable of handling 2500 rows first. I still would like the facility to make off-site backups of my Data and Files.

I have a few teams on the new free plan, and I’ve been able to use them to try different concepts or to make quick apps for my own personal use.

For example, yesterday I built an app based on a download spreadsheet from my bank to do some quick documentation of some unauthorized charged (which turned out to be just a fluke on the bank’s website).

I also have a pro app on the old plan with about 15 or so unpublished versions – what I considered backup, or so I could go back to a previous version (or look at one).

This has proved invaluable, as I have at times found functionality (mostly in custom actions) altered in some way, and I have been able to go back to a prior version and find the missing pieces. I am not sure what causes this, but I have seen it more than once. I know it has been suggested that behavior like this is caused by ‘publish manually’, and I have turned that off for this app, but it is a large app and I don’t test every feature often, so it’s indeterminate at this point.

Based on this:

I thought if I upgrade this team to the new plan, I would be able to keep all these unpublished backup copies.

But I transferred a copy of the app to a new team yesterday in preparation for potentially upgrading, and was greeted by an email this morning:

And the other two small apps in that team were disabled.

So “drafts do not count”, but yet they do.

I know this would not be a problem with ‘backups’ that share the table, but sometimes I will duplicate the app to ‘new tables’ because there’s no real easy way to back up Glide Tables or File Storage.

We need a way to be able to back up Glide Tables and File Storage without having to duplicate the app to new tables.