Unlimited updates to Glide Tables

I was watching an youtube video (very informative) on comparison of Glide vs another low-code solution and the vlogger claimed that if you use Glide Tables then any updates are not counted as updates (an incentive to use Glide Tables)

I searched the forum and I have found a couple of references to “unlimited updates for CRUD operations in Glide Tables”, I am not seeing any information on the website to this.

Can anyone confirm/assist/point.


The Pricing page alludes to CRUD updates only counting on external data sources.

The glide docs specifically mention unlimited CRUD updates on glide data sources.

This of course only applies to the new plans.


Well I guess the vlogger was correct :slight_smile:

Doesn’t make sense why they charge for an API update then, maybe charge it in the Team but not Business, but that’s not a big issue.

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