Unique Values only?

Hello! I am very new to Glide.

From Salesforce, I have a table of work orders. Work orders belong to an Opportunity. An opportunity may have one, or many, work orders. For example

WO 1234. Opp: Bob
WO 1235. Opp: Bob
WO 1236. Opp: Mary
WO 1256. Opp: Pendry
WO 1292. Opp: Pendry
WO 1367. Opp: Pendry

I want to display only the Opportunity names (Bob, Mary, Pendry) - not Bob, Bob, Mary, Pendry, Pendry)

I’ve tried converting the names to an array column then using the unique elements plugin: Unique Elements column | Glide - but this doesn’t have any effect.

Just making the collection show unique Opportunities only would work - the closest I can get is by grouping, but then we have headlines then identical subheadings.


Welcome to Glide :wave:

In the Data Editor:

  1. Add a RowID to the Opportunity table.
  2. Relate the Opportunity column to itself. Make sure the relation is not match multiple.
  3. Create a Look Up column and look up the Row ID through the Relation. You will now have a RowID appear for the first item of repeating items.
  4. Create an If-Then-Else column: if RowIDLookUp is RowID then true else ‘null’

In the Layout Editor
On collection displaying Opportunities, filter by “If-Then-Else column is true”.

The result is that the user is downloading the entire “Work Oders - Opportunities” table and it is being filtered on the users device to only show the 1st item of repeating items.

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Thanks so much - I’ve never seen such quick responses! This works a treat. Brilliant.

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Thanks Jeff. I think this is the same method that Nathan suggested, the numbered list made it a little bit easy for a newbie like me to follow!


Just so you know, you can click into shared posts in the forum. Mine isn’t numbered, but it has bullet points when you click into it.

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