Unique Private Chat Feature Needed

My app is at campusconnect.app and it is an app to help college students find organizations on their college campus. I have 75 campuses represented in the app and a user signs up with an email address and then picks their college campus from the drop down box. That is the unique feature in that everything is then viewed specific for their college campus. I would like a chat feature that allows for users to privately & publicly communicate with other users, but only on their campus and not app wide.

I had a friend develop most of this app for me and he is no longer available to help with this last feature. I know enough about how to set things up on the app if I have specific instructions but I can not do this on my own. If someone who help, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

Building 1:1 chats with the comments component is a very usual thing. You can contact with any of the experts Glide Experts – Professional Glide developers for hire.) to help you set this up.

We have different native languages, and my English is at an elementary level. But maybe my very simple 1-on-1 chat app will help you.