Unable to remove member of org

Removing a member from an organization does not work. We clicked “Remove” and nothing happened.

Ditto. Tried removing myself from an org but it won’t let me.

Is this an easy fix? My screen is getting a bit cluttered with all the orgs from which I can’t remove myself:

Is the owner able to remove you? Is it an authority issue?

Perhaps. I’ll test…If so, I’ll need to build this request into the closing stage of my projects with clients.

@matt…can you attempt to remove me from your Arena Strength org?

I have attempted to remove you but it appears that it didn’t take. Did you receive any type of notification about being removed?

I think that my organization may be wonky.

Hi Matt,

No …no notifications and I still have access. I don’t think the issue is on your end. @Mark, this has to be a bug, right? I mean, for now I can deal with the list of orgs I no longer need on my side, but eventually it will become obtrusive.

Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 10.32.11 AM

We’ll look into it. Thank you for reporting!


This will be fixed tomorrow. Thanks again, and sorry for the trouble.


Hi Robert. I was messaging the guys at glide today and they said they fix is going out tomorrow for the ability to remove members from the organization. So I’ll remove you in the next couple days. Thanks for your patience and all of your help.


No worries! If they make the fix, I’ll be able to remove myself! No worries at all, was just a test to see if you could.

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This was fixed the next day.

However… Apparently there has been a regression of this bug, so it has been reported again.

You can expect a fix tomorrow.

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Closing this ancient thread.