Unable to create a form with user-specific columns

If I pick a target table with regular columns everything works (the inputs are generated and I’m able to save data). But if I switch to one with user specific columns not fields are rendered.

I want all the data in this table to be user-specific. Users should only be able to view the invoices they’ve entered. I using user-specific columns the right approach?

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No, it isn’t. You should use Row Owners instead.

You cannot access user specific columns from within a native form.

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Thank you for the tip. Can you tell me how I should use Row Owners? When a new invoice is added to the collection how can I specify which user is the owner?

Which column in my new_invoices table should be Row Owner? Am I supposed to add a new column and make it owner?

Yes, add an email column and make that the row owner.

Assuming that the user that adds the invoice should be the owner, you can add their email to that column using the special “Users Email” value on your form.


I was a bit confused how to add the user’s email.

I used this thing

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Yes, that’s correct. (sorry, I was posting from my phone earlier, so I didn’t quite get the terminology right).

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