Typedream looks like a great no-code site builder

Of course, the competition is heavy, but I think new kid on the block Typedream is one to look at if you need a onepager or website to go with your Glide app. Simple, flexible, beautiful.
My first impression is: impressive!


Just to add, Dorik.com is also good.

Yeah, for sure!

I use Dorik and its pretty good!

There are a lot options: Potion, Super, Dorik, Tilda, Carrd, Usmo (formerly Landen), etcetera :wink:

Brizy Cloud :slight_smile:

looks good!

It looks great!

A first try to a possible client. He’s a music producer :headphones: :relaxed:

PS: not finished.


That’s impressive!

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Thanks bro! And the tool is so amazing

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looks great!

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10% OFF promo code :point_down:t3: