Trying to Add a Schedule Tab with Calendar To My GlideApp

Hi guys, I am trying to create a simple work schedule calendar for my team and I can’t believe how frustrating it is to do this on glideapps. I thought the calendar widget was what I needed. Anyone here with tutorials on how to get this done? This is for glide-apps; not glidepages. This thing seems to be acting glitchy while trying to do this. Is it even possible?

Looks like you have an Apps project. Where are you having problems? Are you trying to create a layout that looks like a calendar? If so, I would recommend creating a Pages project instead, which has a true calendar layout and will be a much better experience.

If you are having problems with something else, then you may need to explain in more detail. Based on what I’m seeing in your screenshots initially, you are trying to show a time only as your start time. A time only, does not tell glide what the date should be, so it defaults to today. I’m guessing that’s the problem you are seeing since you only have one row with a date of today. If that’s the problem you are having, then you really need to restructure your data. Date columns should contain both the date and time. The Date/Time is what you would place in the Start and End settings for a calendar. Your data may work well for if you are only using the spreadsheet, but you have to change things around a little bit so glide can recognize what you mean. In my opinion your Start Time and End Time columns should really contain the date and the time in each cell.

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Thank you. I appreciate your help.

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