Trying to add a monthly rental collection feature

Struggling to start on the logic.

I have the start and end of the lease. I will take duration on the lease from here.

Then thinking to use the duration to create a payment periods. Will divide the duration to 30/31 days (is there formula to get each month lenght?).

After that will use this number as number of periods.

Finally when log in a payment will decrease with one period until rach end lease date?

Will show this with progress bar.

Let me know if there is a better way to do it please! Thank you

Is there a reason you don’t just charge every same day of the month that the lease started?

And how will you charge the user? With a Stripe subscription?

Hi @ThinhDinh,
So the charge itself is not currently using an outside service. The charge is done outside the system.
We told the system has an option to show a due date period for each lease as is per month, but from the template there is an option that the lease is marked as pay, but this is for the entire period, which for example could be 1 year. Is not efficient enough as the actual pay periods that need to be marked as paid is 1 month .

I just want to see periods due and mark a log payment for every received amount.

So what about having a form that your admin users can use to add a row for a lease, for every month, specifying a start time and end time?

Another option is do it automatically, generating a list of rows when the lease was first approved. Say the lease is 12 months, then you add 12 rows right from there, with a period of 30 days for every period?