Rent due calculation

I have a column for rent start date, rent end date, payment schedule ie quarterly semi and annual and a total rent for a year contract. I want to create a list that would list due amount 30 days before due date. Could anyone help please

thanks in advance

Just an idea here, you might have to dig in more to test if it’s viable:

  • Based on whether the schedule is quarterly, semi-annual or annual, divide the rent amount so you can have a “due amount” to show.

  • Use JavaScript or something that works to calculate the “due dates” based on the schedule. Say I have a semi-annual rent, starts on 1st Oct 2023 and ends on 1st Oct 2024, the code would give me the due dates being 1st April 2024 and 1st Oct 2024.

  • Use another JavaScript column to calculate the “next due date” based on current time, and a math column to calculate the difference between that next due date and the current date.

  • Show the due amount if the difference is less than or equal to 30 and greater than -1. Hide it when the user has paid.

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