Trigger Webhook & Save Response

Since integrations is added we can see that its possible now to create a field for the trigger webhook action where we can save the RESPONSE in a certain field, this creates an important Vital power where we don’t have to use everytime the API to save a response in Glide tables after triggering a workflow, specially that glide won’t be able to cover all integrations out there and there are custom APIs that build.

The response field is perfect for us to have the trigger, trigger it then wait like every other integrations till a response came back with any of them


There is a wait-for-condition function in actions… you can set columns after retrieving a response.

This isn’t reliable because we can’t predict the time of the workflow and sometimes the servers takes 10 seconds more and also this will enable the button again for the user and double actions will be done

no… button is unclickable while waiting… i did it so many times… or you can set visibility while waiting

I am aware of that, I am not talking about the wait time am talking about if it failed and the column is not updated via the API after the wait ends the button will be enabled again and the wait for condition will error, hence the retry from the user

Again… visibility :wink:

Check my App… use the testing card. 4242424242424242

After payment is completed, you will see that it will all be set up.

What if the API response was an error or try again ?

You can create a flow for that scenario…
but I would request… wait for the condition with action depending on the response… that would be a game changer! :wink:

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