Travelling app - no template in the template store

I’m doing a three week travel to Vietnam - and have lots of info about that. It could be great to take along. So I looked in the template store to find a travel app that I could expand with my own information and extra functionality. But there doesn’t seem to be a template for that which I find surprising. Did I overlook something?

I think it should include things like:

  1. accommodation
  2. transportation
  3. daily activities
  4. FAQ
  5. etc

Hi @Krivo. I think a travel app might not be in the template gallery because it would be considered more of a personal app than a professional. Though it’s true companies could have an app to help manage trips for their employees.

I did create a basic app for a long weekend with the family a while back. Send me a direct message and I’m happy to show you what I did.

Hope to speak soon, it’s been a while!