Tip for Times When Web View Won't Display

Here is a quick tip for others who are frustrated when the site you are trying to display will not load in webview.
Here is what you do. Go to https://txtify.it/ and plug your URL that won’t load in. It will strip out the text. The way to get this to work inside your app is simple.
Create a Template column and place in it https://txtify.it/URL
Create a second column with your URLs and replace URL in the template column with the link column.
Now you have the ability for your users to read the articles. I also place a link to the article outside of the app as well…

hope this helps someone out there!


Interesting and simplified way

Thanks for sharing! I have been wondering if we can somehow detect via the YC column if a webview can’t be displayed and just hide that component altogether…

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That would be helpful for sure…

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