Timelines for template store approval

Is there any general timeline of how long template reviews take up & a way to view current status ?

Context: I submitted a template 2 weeks back & wanted to get help from the group.

Thanks for your help…

A guideline would be great to align expectations. I have waited 4 weeks

@david what can you do?

We have reviewed all pending templates as of Wednesday. Let me know if you’ve submitted and not heard back (tell me your template name) and I will investigate.

@david Thanks for quick reply. The template is: https://business-directory.glideapp.io/

Thanks @david

Below are some templates…

  1. https://em123.glideapp.io/ - Event Management

Thanks for your help again.

Hi @david,
Below are templates that were approved already; I removed & republished again due to Stripe issues…

  1. https://usermanagement.glideapp.io/ - User Management
  2. https://cy1a6.glideapp.io/ - Goal Tracker

Thanks for your help…

I had no response for my template : https://gestion-de-club.glideapp.io/ submitted on 01/29/2021.
Thannk you

I had sent an update to my flashcard template weeks ago …no response yet.

Sounds like something is broken!


Hi @david - Anything you are able to identify on this please ?

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I have not seen a new template appear on the store in several weeks… (i click the order by recently updated to view new templates).

I just realized something I submitted in January hasn’t been approved yet. Submitted Jan 14, 2021. Thanks for looking into this!

Sorry, we are way behind on reviewing these. We will schedule some time to review the backlog soon.


I am done with my first app. I tried to submit it but it asked me to link it to Strip. I have an account already but I live in Saudi Arabia which is not listed on Stripe therefore I couldn’t verify my business address. Any other solutions?

We found the issue, the template store has not updated for a few weeks.

We should have a fix next week, with lots of new templates that got stuck in the queue!


Mine just got approved. Thanks!

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