Glide Sucks

Over a month! I wait and I wait to get a template approved and finally I get an email saying my template is rejected because… wait for it… because ‘’ Yep. I need to fix '’. Screw guide. I wanted to promote the site to a unique audience on a niche podcast. Never mind. I’ll blast glide every week instead.

There were some bugs in the template system, so several were not making into the approval process. That has been fixed, so I’m sure they are working through the backlog of submitted templates now. Shouldn’t take so long once they are caught up.


Huh? What am I not understanding? My template was rejected after over a month of waiting with no explanation other than ‘**’. I guess my expectations were way off for what Glide is at present.

Because of a bug in the system, they weren’t aware of any new templates waiting to be approved. That issue wasn’t caught until just yesterday.

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I exchanged multiple emails with @dave and another member of the team weeks ago and they were aware of my template and the backlog then. Clearly Glide is not really ready for prime time as it relates to template. Sorry, I’m just venting meaningless frustration at this point.

Fair enough. I haven’t ever submitted a template, so I wasn’t aware of any issues. I have seen posts regarding people waiting, but yesterday’s post was the first indication that they discovered a bug. Maybe the bug was after they reviewed the template, but the system wasn’t sending emails or adding them to the template store.

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Hey @The_Ramblin_Gambler. I’m sorry for your frustration – totally get that waiting a long time for approval and then having it rejected is disappointing. We were equally impatient to get the template approval process fixed. I’m happy to work with you to get your template approved again.

When you say *Yep. I need to fix*’ - is this what the email said? I’m not clear here.

Also - when you say blast Glide every week - what do you mean by that?

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The rejection email says…

“was not approved because of the following: **”

Not a lot to go on to fix something. The template would be useful to my podcast listeners (admittedly a tiny number of people). That’s why I wanted to publish it, and clearly then I would promote glide to my listeners since I would want to tell them about the template. Or the opposite would be an option. That said, I’ve got better things to do with my time, bashing glide is off brand.

Ok, thanks for letting me know. That sounds like an error on our end – our email should have given you feedback on why it was rejected.

Well, if you want to re-submit and let me know the name of the template – i’ll personally look through it and give you feedback on why it wasn’t submitted and how to improve it.


Thank you for your time.


That’s cool. I’m no longer excited about promoting glide to my listeners if this is how the product is delivered. Be well.