Time / date records

Hi all
How do I record the date/time a Boolean activated and then to disappear when its deactivated. (for context this is to record who is entering/ leaving a facility).
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You would need a date/time column to hold a timestamp, and then a set column values action to write the current date/time to that column.

Do you need to create a log, or just record the time of the most recent exit/entry?

Hi Darren
Thanks for the reply.
No need for a log just the most recent exit/entry.
Do you know of any videos showing what you explained?

To give more context here is a where im trying to display the time date in the time coulomb. Unless you know of a better way to display data like this.


A tick of the boolean right in that data grid won’t trigger anything. You would need a collection with two “on” and “off” buttons that would set the boolean column to true or “clear value”, and log a timestamp to the “time” column, then you can display those values in the collection itself, or with a data grid like above if you wish.

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Ok thanks a lot.
Ive created this but cant see any way to get the buttons to do anything/ write data to any column. What am I missing.

The button you have there is only going to operate on the single row that your screen is attached to.

What you need is a Collection that lists all rows, and then you can either modify the default item click action to do set column values, or add additional collection item actions to do the same.

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