Needing help with a “toggle”

I want this boolean to be checked if the date is after today, so it will show me only what I need. Like a toggle. How to achieve that?

What does that toggle do? Only show if the condition is met? Then really, you don’t want a toggle as toggles = user interaction.

In data editor, create an if then else column that outputs true if the date is after today, else false.

If you want a checkbox, you can display this value in a fields component: otherwise, instead of true/false, you could output an emoji or hero icon.


Hey, Robert, thanks for the answer.

I’m building a to-do section for my app, in this to-do I added 2 collections. One being Today’s tasks and the other being Upcoming tasks. I wanted to add a switch between them which when hit, the upcoming tasks wouldn’t be shown. I don’t know if that’s possible.

I think a choice component would look better. The two choices would be “today” and “upcoming”. You write it to a user-specific column.

Then you either show/hide 2 collections with that choice, or use it as a filter. If you use it as a filter, you must have an If-Then-Else column in the table to determine which events are “Today” and which are “Upcoming”.


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