Tiles will not display as a circle shape for some users


For some reason an inline list displayed as tiles in a circle shape are randomly changing to a square shape. Sometimes it happens in the builder, sometimes it’s in the app only, even when the builder is still showing circles. Refreshing the app does not help.

It seems that the shape of the tiles changes according to the user. So for some users they are circle, others get a square. Viewing as one of these users and attempting to change to circle has no effect.

Sounds like you’re trying to put a square peg in a round hole :crazy_face:

Sorry, I couldn’t resist that opportunity :wink:
I have no idea what might be happening…

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Haha yes it’s a bit like that :rofl:

I know it’s hard, but if you can reproduce it in Loom/Replay it would be great for the support team.


Ok will do after work today :+1:t2:

Apologies, I held off following this up as the problem went away. It’s come back unfortunately, across all users.

Screen showing incorrect format of tiles :

What it should look like:


No changes were made to the app at all, it just happened randomly and is present in all formats (PC app, browser, mobile device, builder).

Haven’t made a video as there isn’t really any behaviour to show. The tiles just… look this way.

Is there a chance you have this as a non-circle shape before you changed it to cirlce?

I just tried to have this behaviour in a test app. This is what I see when I have an “Overlay” setup on tile shape being “Square”.

Then when I change it to “Circle”, the overlay does not go away.

The fix seems to be changing it back to non-circle, change the text style position to “Below”, and then go back to “Circle” shape.


Wow thank you so much. Such a simple fix! I had been flicking from one format to another, trying all sorts of combinations to get it to pop back into place.

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