Thoughts on 'Incomplete' tasks

WWJVD… How would @JackVaughan handle a task assigned to someone that is never completed :grinning:?

Actually, what are the experts thoughts on ‘closing’ a task that has expired without being completed? It just didn’t get done and it’s not going to be assigned to someone else. Should the assigner have the option to mark it ‘closed’ rather than ‘complete’?

Thanks for any and all feedback

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The first thing that comes to mind is having an if then else column called “Status” that checks the due date for a task and spits back a value (eg. “Expired”) if today is after the due date. You can include more conditions like if date completed is not empty, then “Complete” or if date created is today then “New”, or if due date minus one (a math column you’d need to create) is within today then “Due tomorrow”, else “Upcoming”.

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Fire them.