Thank you for the good experience

Thank you for the great experience with Glide, but I will stop using it soon because of the low traffic package and the extra cost of the Business plan :pensive::cry: I have been studying on my own because I wanted to be an expert for 3 years. Ready to make a YouTube channel, but now I may have to change.


Hi! What you mean about traffic?
I suggest you come back there next month.

Why don’t you use agency plan? It is chipper but almost Business.

Can you tell us more about what you’re working on?

If you’re interested in becoming an Expert, you can learn the fundamentals of Glide on the free plan, and go through Glide University for the certifications. It’s a well-structured way to learn the platform.

If you’re building an MVP and are worried about user limits, the Maker plan should cover you.

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