Text to list

I want to create this flow:
1)the user writes a list of words in one “entire text” component (dad, mom, Bob, Jim…).
2)in another screen, it shows as a list with multiple items. each word (separate by ,) in a different list item. So I will have a list with the following items (a) dad, (b) mom, (c) Bob, (D)Jim…

Any ideas?

try this one:

Would these items be “permanent”? Say you have dad, mom, Bob, Jim initially but then you changed it to dad, mom, Andy, Jim. Should “Bob” still be a record?

Not necessarily.
Do you have any suggestions?

Uzo’s suggestion would work, but I don’t know how “permanent” you want the data tied to each item in the list would be stored. What is your use case for this, or is it just for displaying purposes?

I wish to do the following process:
1)the user enters free text that separates with a comma (,) (Dad, Mom, Jim, Bob).
2) there is a list with each item the user wrote-(item a) Dad, (item B) Mom…
3)The user can mark each item from the list as done.

So that will basically be this. I linked this since Bob has a video up there.