Text Streaming/Typewriter effect ('Text that is being 'typed' such as in the OpenAI interface)

It would be awesome if there was a way of streaming text in Glide Apps like people are used now from lots of AI applications. It’s a modern UI choice, as is Glide Apps.

Streaming leads to more interaction with the user and makes Glide even cooler!

I know this is a gimmicky feature but I wanted to add it anyway and it would go wonderfully with the AI features Glide has now :wink:

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Would this be possible to achieve by instructing the model to deliver the response in such a way when the action is triggered?

E.g. “Please respond with the annoying delays that you get from GPT so it looks like it’s being typed out in real-time even though the entire response has already been generated.” :joy:

Haha, that would be handy but I guess the response is delivered in one API call and the model itself can’t generate more calls :wink:

I actually don’t think this is ‘gimmicky’ but actually core to the UX of any app that implements a chat/agent workflow. ChatGPT had set the UX standard that users are now expecting from chat bots.

I would like to be able to ‘apply’ this design setting at the widget level (e.g in a Text or Headline widget) regardless of the source of text (whether the text comes from a static column or the content was stored in the column from an action).

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