Text entry and button, side by side?

Still learning about Glide, apologies for the newbie question! I have this form with distinct actions for saving each field — Is it possible to have the button to the right of the text form? I would change the button format, likely to just be the checkmark icon.

Attaching what my screen currently looks like

You can use a 1:1 container to place components side by side, but it will only really work on a desktop. Containers are ignored on mobile devices.

But do you really need a button? If your screen is a detail screen then you can point each component to the respective column and update each value in real time as they change.

Or you could just have a single update button if you still wanted to go that route.


What does your update button do though? I see that you have text entries and buttons on the same screen.


The simplest & closest solution would be something like this but each on a line