Terms and conditions and GDPR

I would be great to have an easy way to capture permission from users to capture their details.

An example of that would be to have a link in the pin page where you inform the users that by continuing they’re agreeing with the T&Cs. Something like the following

Has anyone faced this? I know there’s an example on the http://concepts.glideapp.io but at this point we have the user’s email logged already.


This is something we know we have to work on. We’ll definitely deliver a solution, but we can’t give you a timeline yet.


This is really a pressing need for users in Europe. As has been suggested and elsewhere a link to a Ts&Cs page but with the addition of a checkbox would probably meet the positive acceptance requirement.

How soon?


I agree, I am having to have to go around circles to make sure I have GDPR consent. This has delayed my launch by a week.

Have you a work around that you could share?

@myfta, right now I have a landing page with carrds.co where I capture the email. The T&C’s and privacy notice state that they are agreeing to have an account created for them.

When I launch I’ll have email whitelist. I then add the emails to the list and send the new users an email with the link for the app.

Yes please, really need this!

It is a must

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I don’t know why this was not in the new feature request app, so I have added it.


@myfta great that you had also added. I have done so as well but the request hasn’t moved from my suggestion to actual feature request for others to see.

There are lots of apps you cannot do in Europe if the gdpr isn’t supported by glide

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supporting the motion of GDPR requirements !

Please upvote it on https://features.staging.glideapp.io/


Voted, and I added “Integration with Iubenda” to your thread.

This feature request isn’t specific enough there is more to GDPR than that. Where is the info as to where the data in the app goes, is Glide processing that data in any other way other than for the app? Their privacy notice is lacking in this information too.
Shame as the concept of glide looks really good but I can’t use it without GDPR compliance.


There are lengthy discussions here that may give you more info.

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