Targeted row deletion via button action

Hello dear team,

Do we have any mean to target a precise row to delete, without using row owner ? It’s a past Row, so not in the bottom of the table.

Furthermore, is it essential to have row owner de-activated in users table to use the “1:1 private chat app template” ? Or there is a workaround ?

In other words, i would like to display “user profile” card to all users so they can see each other profile (up to date) and start a chat ,

While keeping private some columns of “users” table.

Thanks in advance :pray:

Yes, you can do this by creating a single relation to the row in question, and then use a delete row action through that relation. If you take a look at my custom forms concept app, I use this technique to limit the number of rows (every time a row is added, one is removed).

I’m not familiar with the template, but just in general - if you wanted to retain row owners in your User Profiles, what you would need to do is create a read-only view of your user profiles table with a minimal set of columns, and refer to this with your 1:1 chat. This is easy to do if you are using a Google Spreadsheet as a data source, otherwise it could be a challenge.

Thanks again Daren!

I didn’t manage to target a row To delete, even by investigating your example app…
I will try more tomorrow.

BUT huge bug on Glide app now !

The Map inline list doesn’t work anymore at all !
For like 24 hours now.

I saw some other people talking about it.
How long do we have to wait ?
Why the status page of glide appears all GREEN still ?

:pray: thanks

If you can provide some screen shots and describe how you would identify the row to be deleted, then probably I can guide you.

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