Tag Colour in Tiles Layout

In Tiles Layout is it to change Tag colours? For example, having a different colour for each category

I think your tag color is the same color as your theme color. To change your tag color, change your theme color.

I know that the tag color is the same as the theme color. I wanted to know if there is some workaround to have different colours within tags.
For example you have 3 Tag categories: Open, Closed, Processing.
And Open would be Orange, Closed would be Green and Processing would be blue

I think the better approach is to have a color code image for avatar and the actual tag text as the avatar text, in a cards layout.

Thanks! Will try this out


It would look somewhat like this.

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I use emojis a lot for stuff like this.


Simple solution. Thanks


Can the whole card layout be changed to different colors. Let’s say if some one pass and changed to green and if some one fails changed to red color. If some one could help me on this would be great.


Only way to do this is to create an if then column that results in a hex color code depending on pass/fail. Then pass this value as a variable within a CSS template column. Display the CSS template column in a rich text component on the details screen.

EDIT: Actually…this won’t work…it will change the color for all cards I think.


Cloudinary could be used here to change the background of the card image.Which element needed a color change? The image? The background? The card frame?

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Card frame please

Yeah, that’s a no go. Any CSS applied will apply to every card. Best bet is to change the color of the image background or use an emoji in the Avatar field for the card component.