Table-Description API

I propose a new feature as part of the already existing Glide API. I think it would be beneficial, to have a descriptive API for tables, which tells you what fields (names/formats) and how many datasets are included in a table.

This API could help you to:

  • Know how many elements to expect, when requesting the table via API
  • Learn about the field-types in the columns
  • Help you to get the real-name column headers (not only the internal ones like “Nl1dW”
  • Know how many columns to expect, even when the table is empty or not all fields are filled in every row

Request should include new endpoint like /api/function/tableMetadata, AppID and TableName. Response in JSON would include:

  • Number of Rows in Table
  • List of Fields as Array with Elements: internalName like “BtnU1”, realName like “Street”, fieldType like “string”

I would be happy to discuss this with you.

Kind regards,