Sync issue

I have an app where users from a team can spin a wheel based on the number of spins they have collected in the wallet.

The issue I’m having is, if 2 users spin at the same time, only 1 spin gets deducted from the teams wallet. However if they wait the 4-5 sec for sync, it deducts properly.

How can i get around this?

NOTE: this is a PRO app

What about including another column (in sheets - not user specific) to get a increment or somemthing to say when this column is empty we can spin…? Even doing this do you think should have a conflict? Have you tried it?

yes i first tried in a non user specific column, and then user specific, still no luck

You could try using Integromat and a webhook. The webhook trigger in Integromat will que all incoming requests. Then put a 5 sec sleep timer in the scenario.

Hey @ThinhDinh any ideas on this?

What actions does your spin action do?

it gives a random piece and deducts 1 spin from user’s team

So a reshuffle/set column and then a -1 increment I guess? Do you do the increment straight on the column?

correct. and yes i do the increment straight to column, i tried user specific as well. still no difference.

Happens whenever both users click spin button together.

Then what I would do is add rows in another sheet and use a rollup and a math column to do the deduction. It’s weird why increments don’t stack on each other though.

they only stack, when pressed 7 sec apart.

not sure how. i have 16 teams and 100 users.

So row count is a problem for you I guess? Might be worth submitting a ticket to the Glide Support.

@Amal have a read of the following… (may or may not be applicable in your case)


Thanks for the input. Can i use this method if my sheet is a glide sheet?

It requires one Google sheet.