Swipe right/left - possible to switch off?

Hello, it is possible to switch off swipe function? I have a map on the page (mobile app) and when I try to zoom by fingers, I am swiping right and closing the page :frowning: Thanks!

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Are you still using a Classic App? Classic Apps are eventually going away. Both Classic Apps and the swipe functionality are not supported anymore, so I wouldn’t expect any improvements or changes.

You should consider converting your app to a New App.


Hi Jeff, sorry for long time delay, I forgot my question :frowning: Can you explain me “You should consider converting your app to a New App.” Do you mean new app from Dashboard? When I try it, it looks the same… Thank you very much for your help!

Clear, thank you!! :+1: :+1:

Ups, so I started to create the app on April 2023, it is mean, it is New App. Swipe gesture is working and my problem is not solved :-(. Maybe something changed from October 2023 and it is possible to switch off swiping, I dont know. Will try to find it… Anyway thank you!

Maybe you need to clarify what you mean by “swipe”. In the Glide world, swipe refers to a specific type of component that existed in Classic Apps that allowed you to swipe left and right through cards…much like you can in the Tinder app. That swipe component does not exist in New Glide Apps, so I’m not sure what you are referring to if you are already developing a New App.

Maybe you need to create a video demonstrating what is happening to you.

Thank you very much for your time. Here is link to the video:


On video - I am moving map with one finger and it moves with map, but it moves with page too - I dont wanna to move page by finger move (swipe). I would like to use BACK function using arrow icon above. Thanks!!

OK, that is not a swipe component in the Glide sense. What seems to be happening is that when you “swipe” with your finger, it’s functioning like a back button. I am familiar with this happening in web browsers. My windows laptop has a touchscreen and I can swipe back a page (same as clicking the back button).

I just did some testing an I can definitely reproduce the issue. Doesn’t seem to be an issue if the map is on a top tab level screen or in an overlay, but if you navigate to the screen from a collection any other way then it becomes an issue.

A little technical, but it seems that Glide needs something like a ‘touchmove’ listener with this code below to prevent default touch actions, used for navigation, from interfering with using the map. I just recently had to implement something like this in a custom audio player where you can scrub through audio by touching and dragging on a progress bar. This little bit of code fixed the issue for me…but what I’m working on is not exactly a Glide App in the traditional sense. @NoCodeAndy


It’s nothing we can fix as end users unfortunately. Glide would have to fix it.

For the time being, I recommend changing your Target for the Show Detail Screen action on the collection to use an Overlay. Seems that you can move the map on an overlay without inadvertently navigating backwards.


Jeff, you are amazing! Thank you very much. I have used your tutorial and it works as I need. The page is not returning back by “sliding to the left” with this bug, it just close itself by sliding down. Without bug, no reaction with the map moving. It is very important for me, because I can use it in my another and more important app.

Thank you very much, really appreciate you support! :+1:


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@Hewqas pls mark Jeff’s answer as a solution if you think that’s the case :smiley:

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