Summing Total Sign Ups (Multiple Time Slots) Per Day

Hi there,

I’ve created a sign up sheet with multiple time slots per day. In my particular app, I have 8 time slots that people can sign up for every day (12 PM to 7 PM on the hour, every hour) that can hold up to a maximum of 7 people per slot.

I was able to do all sorts of things like creating a waitlist function, modifying quantity of sign ups, canceling, moving from waitlist, etc.

So… I’m kind of embarrassed to say that I’m stuck on what I feel should be a very simple functionality. I would like to have a Tab/Screen that sums up all of the total checked-in sign ups per day so we can keep track of how many people have signed up everyday (regardless of what time slot they signed up for).

I created a Date Relation column and from there made a Roll Up that sums up all of the checked in sign ups from that day. I’m getting stuck on getting this to display properly. At the very least, I’d love to display a list or table of every date with the total number of sign ups that showed up (checked in). Ideally, I’d love a visual representation of this as well as some kind of chart.

How do I move towards being able to do this? Right now, I can list the date and the total quantity of sign ups that day, but I’m getting repeating lines for every sign up I have.

Hey Esther! Welcome Back!

First of all, there’s no problem and you don’t need to be embarrassed about asking, we’re here for this. So please, ask us! There’s so many people willing to help you too!

Well, you related the dates but what I’d do is:

  • Create a Relation from your Times slots sheets > to your sign ups sheets times booked
  • Create a rollup using this relation
  • Add a inline list from Times Slots sheets showing the total amount

Thanks so much! I had my Relations reversed and your suggestion did the trick! I did still see multiple repeating entries per date (it seems like it was giving me a line for every time slot) - I solved this by filtering only by 1 time slot per day and that helped me shape how my data is displayed to exactly how I wanted it!

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Sounds great!