SumIf with Big Table

Hi there!

With a regular table, you can do a SumIf by creating a relation with a regular table and then doing a rollup against that relation.

With Big Tables, rollups against relations with a big table aren’t possible. Is there any other way to create a SumIf against a Big Table?

(For example I have one Big Table ‘completions’ with all tasks a user has completed, the ‘completion’ table contains a column that links to the emailadres of the user who created the ‘completion’), I now want to add a column in the user table which counts the number of completions he has but that seems impossible (with a normal ‘Completion’ Table I would create a relation column and then a rollup column against that relation column.

Have you tried a Query column in the Big Table (which is a multiple-match relation) followed by a Rollup though that Query of the attribute/column you wish to sum?


As @nathanaelb suggests, a Query will work for this use case. A relation + rollup would also work, as long as the target column of the relation in the Big Table is not a computed column.

In terms of performance, there is no difference between a relation and query in this case, so I would recommend a query.


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