Sum if functionality - to sum values given a condition

Hey fellow gliders,

I am new to guide and need some advice on how to solve this problem.

I have a very basic data sheet

Essentially what I want to do is sum the total (which is quantity * price ) of each fund using something similar to a sum if function. How would I do this. In this case for fund 1 the result of what I want should be (556+500+190=1246) and for fund 2 the result should be (100+500=600).


I have got somewhere

using a relation I managed to filter out the correct “assets” but how do I only extract the funds?

I would first add a math column to calculate the total on each line. Then you can add a Rollup column to sum that total through the relation.

can you explain that in more detail? total for what? Have I not already done that?

It appears so… simply follow the rest of @Jeff_Hager instructions and use a rollup column via your relation named “Test” and target your “Total” column.


My apologies. I somehow missed seeing the Total column in both of your screenshots. Been staring at the screen to long. :person_facepalming:

Did you get this working?

I can’t see how your “Test” relation is configured, but it doesn’t look right from what I can see in the screen shot.

What you should be doing in that relation is matching the Fund column with itself.
You can then do a Rollup → Sum → Total via the relation to get the result you’re after.

Got it working, used the videos on how to use relation and rollups and it made it crystal clear! Thanks guys!