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I want to take data from a specific column and then want to display it in the main column (example is the case for crop yields per sector, sector 1, sector 2, sector 3 have different crop yields in sequence, then I want to display the sum of the three sectors in one table) what are the proper formulas and features? Thank You.

Like from table “Lembor” (same as “Pacar” and “Komodo”)

Into this table

Thank you

Use a Rollup Column.

I’ve tried it, but only one sheet is taken, and adds up all the harvested areas in different commodities.

So you want to sum values from multiple sheets?

Use a separate rollup column to sum the values in each sheet, and then a math column to add up all the sums.

I still don’t understand. My goal is to display crop results, one of which is rice, the data for which is taken from sectors 1, 2, and 3. Because different rows, different types of plants.

Okay, I’m catching up and I think I understand.

I think what you want is a series of multiple relation columns in your Hasil Panen table. Each should match the crop name with the same value in the other tables. Then you can do rollups through those relations.

Does that get you what you are looking for?

Yes, that is what exactly i mean.

But i don’t understand how to do it.

Maksud dari Darren adalah anda kumpulkan semua data dari berbagai lembar ke lembar “Hasil Panen” menggunakan kolom relasi, baru dilanjutkan untuk menghitungnya dengan rollup atau math.

I see, thank you Mr. Himaladin and Mr. Darren

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