Success message

Hello all,
Hope yall doing good.
I am using the button “Generate Quotation” to add row.
Is there any way to have success message after click the button?
Something like, “Your quotation generated!”
Because currently, I’m already using the=at button function as add row.
So, it show nothing after click the button.
its remain the same page.
Even the data user’s will fill up didn’t clear.
Unless i am using the form function.
But i have math function that need to show or appear when user make a choice.

The idea is can i make a button with two actions? Which “add row” and “show notification”?

Change it to a compound action so you can string multiple actions together. You can have an Add Row action, Set Column action to clear fields, and a Notification action to show a message.


Where i can have the compound action?

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