Mutliple action

I want to implement two action on sngle button first action increment the value in GS when clicked on button after that i want to add a alert that incremented in that same button but currently i am able to only add increment action can u please tell how to do alert message on that same button

Go to Action > Create new action then add as many as you want:

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thank you so mucchh sirrr

actually sir i want to add function

in this i want to add an extra alert action

like two action and there is inbuilt show notification that i want to add

this one i want to add but the increment action should be there

From your screenshots it still looks like you’re only adding one action to a button. Instead, click “Create new action” at the top of that list and from there you can add as many as you’d like.


see sir first this is my action image
and now i click on create new action

i am taken to this page
now i created a notification action
and now clicked on save and now in button
but my previous action got overwrite by this new action so in this i have to add both these action please help!

Add two actions on that screen. You only added one.

How many do you want? You aren’t limited to just one action

The custom action lets you combine multiple actions together. You are still trying to use a single action option in combination with the custom action option. You can do everything in the custom action instead.

wohooooooooooo i was able to done it