Submitting forms without showing a form

I have a form that is only submitting data that the user does not have to enter. Is there way to not have it to take the user to a blank screen to Click - Submit?


Not yet but we can’t wait to make this possible!


Can’t wait to use. Would love to test it. It is the single biggest thing that would change our user experience. Thanks. Huge advocate for Glide.


Can you explain a bit more about your particular use of ‘formless forms’?

Two ways - one is how I want to use it currently.

I have a list of establishments (restaurants, cafes, pop ups) with locations and certain establishment info.

The user will be checking in or redeeming - when they click the form- it sends establishment name, user, date/time, and other establishment info. The user has to submit only because of how it is structured. It would be ideal to just click the form button and have it submit the same info in the background and show some success message if possible.

Is that how you imagine formless forms working?

Please let me know if you’d like me to share the future use case too.


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You could just add a simple text input filed labeled “Additional Comments or Suggestions (optional)” or something to that effect. Or have a simple check box with some some kind other kind of other message. Most would just hit submit I imagine depending on how you ask the question. You may even be able to collect some good ideas or comments. Turn lemons into lemonade, lol.

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