"Submit and Add New"

I have a form on a list page. It’s likely that the users will need to add multiple items during the same session.

When they are submitting the form, can I re-post the same blank form so they can add another submission immediately?

I’m okay with the form submission always opening a new blank form, or adding a checkbox at the bottom of the form for “Submit and Add New”.

Basically, I’m trying to avoid the user having to click submit, and then click “add new” on the page again just to see the blank form.

Yes you can either use a custom action… or select choose “navigation > show form screen” in the after submit option for the form…

That’s what I figured, but I’ve either got some other setting messed up, or there’s a bug. I set the ON SUBMIT action to “Show Form Screen” and target “Current”, like you showed. But when I click submit in the live environment, it closes the first screen and then opens a new screen with completely different fields. I can’t figure out how to edit this new screen because you can’t trigger it within the editor to see it. You can only see it in the live environment.

Actually, I was able to trigger the new “add item” form in the editor, which allowed me to edit the fields on that form. But then the submit action for that form is created another new form that just says “add item” with the one “type” field. So it’s not allowing me to just repost the original form as a blank.

It will be creating a new screen behind the scenes… but once you edit that screen… it will then work for all submissions. to make it easy - you can put the previous form into a container - and then copy and paste that into the new form.

The Show Form action inherently creates a new form screen layout for every instance of you calling that action. You can avoid that by creating a new custom action in the Action Editor with a Show Form Screen action inside that custom action. Then call that custom action any time you want to open that same form. That way you won’t have to resign the same form screen multiple times.


Thanks, the container really helped. I hadn’t even considered containers before. It does look like the new forms will keep getting created each time, but using that same “show form screen” that you mentioned, in conjunction with the referencing a custom action solved the problem.


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