Store item from selected collection?

I use the “Item Click” to move the user to the next Collection (cards) via ‘Go to tab’: Is there a way to store in a temporary variable the item, the uses clicked on?
I dont see a way with “Create new action” either , where you can grab/store the selected item.
Is the only way to write it to a table?

In the action editor you could add additional actions to your sequence. If you hover just below your goto tab action you should see a “+” button to add more.

It sounds like you want to add a “set column value” action to your sequence and target a user specific column to hold the value.


This is what I’d suggest, too. You can write this temporary variable to the user’s table for easy access in other tables (accessible via template column or math column if it’s a number)

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@Eric + @Robert, i think you have answered my question (suspicion): The only var’s you have in Glide is via a table, correct?
So i quest you make a ‘dummy’ table you, use for swapping user data. Comming form a normal programming env., it just seams so brutal…
Btw, thanks for fast reply :slight_smile: